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Your gifts keep us giving! 

We are a dedicated team working for the vision of a gift economy network that connects people and sustainable communities - A network that connects needs with available gifts, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, services and resources.
ecobasa started in 2011. In 2014 we relaunched the platform and co-organized many Community-Tours and Communities-Convergences since then, all based on gift-economy.
To keep the platform running, we need your support, because our business model is based enterely on gift-economy!

Happy giving!

Latest Blogposts

How to get started with gift economy

Tamasins personal approach on how to introduce gift-economy into your life. See the full interview with Tamasin, sharing her experiences with gift-economy here: Nature is a gift-economy with Tamasin: Playlist of more how to ...
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Interview with Tamasin

Tamasin Drisdale is sharing her experiences living in and setting up gift-economy communities and projects in her life. I interviewed her on Minka Lab in Colombia 2015. From our wonderful youtube channel More Videos with Tamasin: ...
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Sponsored by Corona: A new startpage and features!

Sponsored by Corona: A new startpage and features!

ecobasa has been a sleeping beauty the last years. Mainly because I was in baby break and could not even coordinate the volunteer requests aside my different day jobs. As now in the crisis a few jobs have been cancelled ...
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