Kuckucksmühle (Cuckoo Mill) is a historical water mill in the North East of Germany, (Branderburg Federal State). We aim to restore the mill and its outbuilding, set up a Hackerspace and permaculture farm.

Kuckucksmühle is part of the Eco Hacker Farm project.

What brings this community together


Sustainable living using appropriate technology and permaculture principles.

To set up community projects that combine hackerspaces with permaculture farms to provide sustainable living spaces for people to experience a way of life that is not necessarily dependent on the system using appropriate, open and low cost technological solutions.

Sustainable Living & Simple Sustainable Solutions

self sustainable community and living environment
ecological farming using permaculture principles
reuse & recycle
conserving resources like water, soil, …
avoiding use of chemicals/pesticides
preserve & rehabilitate nature
repopulation of flora & fauna
use of natural products (hygiene)
living off the grid when possible

Sustainable Hackerspace

development of opensource solutions focused on needs of permaculture farming
automation of recurring tasks to save resources
intelligent resource management

Reducing Poverty

create low cost opensource solutions for permaculture farming
raising awareness about poverty and how to alleviate it
create and maintain a fair share environment

Connecting People

encouraging collaboration
collaboration with other similar projects/communities
involving the local community
encourage social gatherings & festivals
using & promoting local resources and local networking infrastructure

Building an Inclusive Community

respecting all members of the community
providing an anti-discriminatory space
community members can be both offline (local) and/or online


workshops & skill sharing
internships & volunteering programmes
documentation of the project
opensource development & promotion

Art and Culture

providing a space for art and culture
promotion and support for local art and cultural events


implementing a democratic or consensual way of making decisions such as
setting priorities
use of monetary resources
promote and enhance the democratic process


What can you learn here

  • connections
  • eco-villages
  • community
Add a skill you learned here with a review


Add a service they offer with a review

Products and Creations

  • connections
  • eco-villages
  • community
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Projects/Construction Sites

We have quite a lot projects going on at the moment here's a few:

building a natural fence around the garden
finishing the waterproofing of the compost toilets
building filtration beds for the compost toilets
renovation of the buildings
organising of the workshop
fund raising events
community garden creation

Experts/People with the following skills

  • zimmerman
  • roofers


  • seeds
  • wood
  • muffin / cupcake mold
  • Yoga matts
  • digital weighing scales
  • label printer
  • card and board games
  • mattresses
  • metal shelves
  • solar panels
  • ecological insulating material
  • ladders
  • wood pallets
  • jerry cans
  • greenhouse
  • bee equipment
  • glass cutter
  • electric fencing
  • ecological paint
  • cables
  • plastic storage boxes
  • small trees
  • mini-usb cables
  • irrigation equipemnt
  • 220v-to-USB
  • infrared / laser temperature sensor
  • oil drums
  • blankets
  • network sockets
  • buckets
  • organic animal manure
  • old keys
  • craft materials
  • metal rods
  • wood chips
  • winter blankets
  • sauna oven
  • watering cans
  • network cables
  • door lock
  • glass lenses
  • whiteboard
  • docking station for andriod phone
  • electric sander
  • bee hives
  • windows
  • musical instruments
  • knives
  • electric motors
  • seedlings
  • padlocks
  • adapters
  • straw
  • wood drill bits

Aditional info about Materials

in general good condition items are welcome, items which require bigger investment of time and money would require more attention and it may be harder for us to organise at the moment