Giardino della Gioia

What brings this community together

We want to live the vision of the Rainbow Family. We want to be a permanent community, so we added some structure to the rainbow culture.
Live with the nature in an indeginous way. To have a connection with every piece of the land.
We follow the rhythm of nature.
We ask for responsibility and commitment and we actually define our freedom by that.
We like to be playful and we play a game to organize our daily tasks.
We follow the way of the circle, and we take decisions by consent.
We work a lot in our inner selfes. We give mirrors and help each other to grow.
We meditate every day in the morning.


What can you learn here

  • Yoga
  • Shiatsu
  • Gardening
  • Nutrition
  • Natural-Building
  • Permaculture
  • Community-Building
  • Living-Theater
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  • Bio-Construction
  • Gardening
  • Permaculture-Workshop
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Products and Creations

  • Olive Oil
  • Tomatosauce
  • Marmelade
  • Icecream
  • Jam
  • Fig-Syrup
  • Dry-Fruits
  • Cactus-Fig-Syrup
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Natural Building

Workshop and factoring spaces

Minimal open-air workshop with all our tools.


Projects/Construction Sites

we want to finish a straw house, it means last layer of the wall and painting and make the greenhouse and veranda doing in a very creative and artistic way.
We have materials, if you have experience with natural and cane-building we are happy. All kind of wood sizes are welcome. Windows of any size are welcome!

we want to build the the floor for a teepee.
For that we need wood of all sizes.

we are already starting to dig a water retention lake and we definitely want to improve the ways to collect rain water.
For that we could need a 12V pump or a bigger one, depending on the size. Experts in water-retention landscape and permaculture, foodforrests are happily welcome.
We could use a jackhammer to open up the stone under the soil.

The roof of our kitchen has to be fixed. Now it is just plastic and we would like to make a wood-construction.

All of this has to happen before the winter, in september, okt, you are welcome to help us.

We want to build a bamboo (canna/cane) tree house, so we can offer the yurt to the guests. We want a traditional straw roof.
We didnt start yet. For that we have more time in spring.

We want a sauna close to the lake, to make community decisions there :)

The heating of our place can be improved. Something like pyrolysis, microgasifier would be nice!
If you could help with that before the winter, it would be better :)

We have a solar panel, but it can be more efficient and improved. So energy experts are very welcome!
Another small solar panel would be really good!

We want to build a solar-panel for heating the water. There is different models, but we need everything for that. We prefer to not use plastic if possible.

We want a biodigestor that produces gas, to become more self-sufficient.

We would like to build a food storage like a vase to climb in.

We need help pruning the olive trees.

Experts/People with the following skills

  • renewable-energy
  • dragon-dreaming
  • free-energy
  • communication
  • water-retention
  • community-building
  • tree-house experts
  • vision-finding
  • facilitation
  • sociocracy


Aditional info about Materials

Wood of all sizes,
plastic foil, tarp (for the lake) 5m x 4m
a teepee/tipi canvas to cover the yurt. It is too much plastic and too colourful. Small sheets are just fine. We want it to integrate more into the landscape.
Windows of all sizes
water pipe for the solar heating.

Seeds that are perennial and resistant to a semi-dry climate. (40° in the summer to 5° in the winter)


Special Needs

Forrest gardening, foodforrests in arid / dry places.

Blog Posts

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We are an ecovillage called Giardino della Gioia, that would like to become a comunity. There is already enough structure to host 10 people, we have 3 yurts, 1 straw house, 1 caravan, 1 tipi, a draft of tree house, 4 compost toilets, a kitchen, a meditation circus and a bathroom with sauna, but right now we are just two! All is built with natural material and with the principles of ...

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