Workgroups to organise in the community
Selfgoverning Meetings - weekly to reflect, update and decide upon activities to do next week
Library - books and info on autonomy
Media - creating our own media
Kitchen - sharing local produced food, drinks and exchange recipes
Musiclessons - guitar, piano,..
Workshops - weekly workshop on autonomous living
Movie/documentery screenings - weekly
Solidarity Economy - build out initiatives on solidary economy base
Ecology - studying ecology to promote and invest in solutions to reach ecological equilibrium

All activities will be organised by Solidarity Economy principle which means that we share what we can and work with donations so that no one has to feel excluded due to money related issues. Together with this we try to reduce the use of centralised money and try to pioneer with the use of alternative currencies where local and autonomous economies benefit.

Activities outside the center
- organsing sport activitites
- reducing waste on the island
- extending solidarity economy projects like giftbazaars
- share flyers
- initiate more autonomous projects
- Support local initiatives and struggle against capitalism

To give you some idea on what kind of other topics we will work on to extend from the autonomous social center:

1. Political awareness
2. Leadership
3. More Autonomous places
4. Energy
5. Economy
6. Ecology
7. Food&waters
8. Education
9. Health
10. Housing

1. Political awareness
Spreading awareness on what is the political situation in which we live and what we have to cope with to improve the situation on Samothraki. We spread light on how this effects the life of people and biodiversity and what we can do to have a better influence on the local and global scale.

2. No leadership, but responsibility
We provide alternatives to the rules, leaders and hierarchies that largely direct our daily lives and shape the way our society function. We develop a different understanding of power - where people work with each other rather than seeking to control and command. We find ways of relating to each other without hierarchy and leaders. These ideas are far from new and are part of a journey into a different world, where people have always striven for control over their lives, struggled for self-determination and to rid themselves of their rulers and leaders.

3. Creating more autonomous spaces where to:
- change the culture (from separation with nations into borderless culture with unity in diversity and respect and support of a healthy life full of biodiversity)
- reclaim the media
- build active campaigns
- organize gift economy initiatives
- organize meetings with locals to start decentralizing power and create more local influence.

4. Autonomous energy sources
Energy we plan not to get from monoculture energy sources, but from autonomous energy sources like mirco windturbines or solarpanels. We want to extend decentralised energy supply on the island connected to ecohousing solutions, grey water systems and permaculture designs.

5. Resilient Local economy
A reslient local economy we want to spark by initiating sharing economy practises where people and planet cooperate (carsharing, communitygardens, sportactivies, housesharing, knowledge & information sharing, skillsharing, toolsharing, timesharing, creativitysharing etc.) Everything will be operate by solidarity economy practices, based on donations and by promoting fair exchanges. Collective expenses will be made effective and transparant, not via taxes but by participatory budgeting. We intend to work in the future with an alternative currency like faircoin so that we become more autonomous economically.

6. Ecology
Applying permaculture principles
Restoration and expansion of vegetation by goat population control and regreening initiatives
Reducing waste by re-using, up-cycling, re-pairing, sharing and initiating the use of biodegradable packaging and a cooperative market without packaging at all.

7. Food & waters
We will open a social kitchen in the base, where we self-manage what we eat and maximize a diverse diet to share with participants and visitors healthy food and drinks on donationbase. A garden in the yard we will make where we will cultivate a diversity of vegetables and fruittrees. We buy only from autonomous farmers and support other autonomous farming collectives worldwide. Besides we will be maximizing efficient use of sweet waters, expending the use of grey watersystems and initiating communitygardens on the island

8. Education
Tell me and I forget. Show me, and I remember. Involve me, and I comprehend. (Chinese verb)
Education, and in particular popular education, is vital to respond to the ecological, social and climatic crises we face and to achieve meaningful radical social change. We work on an education where we relearn co-operation and responsibility that is critically reflective but creatively looks forward - an education that is popular, of and from the people. We want to initiate long life learning which aims at getting people to comprehend the world around them and their place in it, so that we can take back control collectively, intervene in it, and transform it. By sharing skills, knowledge & creativity freely without system of hierarchies or rewards, but with the satisfaction of sharing and improving learning and teaching experiences by free exchange of knowledge, open source and interactive.

9. Health
Every part of our life has an impact on our health. Taking some personal responsibility for our health is an important part of taking control over our lives. It is very difficult to write a tick list for a way to achieve health which is more autonomous and self-managed, but what follows are some ideas on how to become less dependent on medical institutions that have fairly narrow ways of defining and treating disease. We can take more responsibility over our own health by eating more healthy, quitting smoking or drinking less alcohol. But we also need to change at a wider social level – it’s not just about taking individual responsibility, but also for and with others including those who need it the most.

There are number of ways in which we can manage our own health and what is realistic depends on our personal situations and resources. We like to set up self-help groups, a health collective, using natural remedies and dealing with medical institutions to our best advantage.

10. Housing
We want to help locals to transform their houses so that they can offer the energy needed with sustainable ecohousing design; with for example solarshower, grey water system, watercollecting and permacultural design. Also, later on we would like to build an autonomous social ecohouse somewhere in a remote area on the island.

What brings this community together

With the threat of more capitalist measures and the realization of its destructive power we desire radical change. We are aiming towards opening an autonomous social center somewhere in the island where to express, create, defend and extend autonomy. In this place we connect with local and worldcitizens and work on informing and inspiring each other to take part in or suggest selforganised workgroups and activities that involve autonomy.

We believe that if we truly want to have influence we should do it ourselves and not be against government’s policies only. We will have self-governing principles on all levels of life to increase autonomy as decisions are to be made decentralized and by consensus in a sustainable reality.


What can you learn here

  • discipline
  • direct action
  • dream interpretation
  • Empathie
  • shared economy
  • circle of possibility
  • Analyse
  • Permaculture
  • soap-making
  • Community-Building
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  • Future-Design
  • sociocracy
  • roadtrip
  • Music Therapy
  • shared economy
  • Eco Meditations
  • food
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Products and Creations

  • Project
  • Shifting
  • Life
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Projects/Construction Sites

We wish to recreate freedom and a vibrant local solidarity economy where peolpe dream together and live with dignity, peace and joy


Aditional info about Materials

Local material, things to repair, to reuse


Special Needs

Office equipment: Printer, paper, ink, two computers
Moviescreening equipment
Workshop equipment