Your gifts keep us giving! 

We are a dedicated team working for the vision of a gift economy network that connects people and sustainable communities - A network that connects needs with available gifts, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, services and resources.
ecobasa started in 2011. In 2014 we relaunched the platform and co-organized many Community-Tours and Communities-Convergences since then, all based on gift-economy.
Our goal for the next year is to become self-sustainable and for this step we need your support!
In 2016 we plan to: 

  • Train Gift-Ambassadors to bring gift-economy into their communities. Their role is to coordinate volunteers and gifts from this network in their communities and to connect to each other.
  • Continue the development of the platform: The Routeplanner (Organizes the transport of volunteers and ressources between communities)
  • offer support for communities and pioneers to create accounts so people can find out about each other's offers and needs
  • strengthen the collaboration with existing networks, like GEN,, Project Nuevo Mundo and caravans like Comun-Tierra
  • grow the network by helping the organization of community-tours in south-america and communities convergences.
  • host a hackathon for programmers as a first step towards making an open-source community
  • share the gift of giving in different events and workshops

Please support us to continue our work!
Check out our crowdfunding page on betterplace to see how you can support us.

Happy giving!

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ecobasa receives start-green award for their "new perspectives"

ecobasa receives start-green award for their "new perspectives"

ecobasa has been given the award because we found impressive solutions to the pressing challenges of our time. We pursue our own and unconventional path, creating not only new products and services, but also show alternative ways of thinking and ...
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ecobasa at utopikon

ecobasa at utopikon

Last weekend Delci and Arne from ecobasa participated at the Utopikon - the "utopian economy conference" in Berlin, which dealt with ways and challenges in the direction of a money-freer society. Everything started on Friday afternoon with a Schnippeldisko (chopping ...
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Gift-Ambassador Training

We hosted a 5 day training for gift-ambassadors in Amalurra community, Spain. They offered us a beautiful hotel with spa, restaurant and coffee place, along with some nice conference rooms and equipment. We were asked to pay just the costs ...
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