Your gifts keep us giving! 

We are a dedicated team working for the vision of a gift economy network that connects people and sustainable communities - A network that connects needs with available gifts, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, services and resources.
ecobasa started in 2011. In 2014 we relaunched the platform and co-organized many Community-Tours and Communities-Convergences since then, all based on gift-economy.
Our goal for the next year is to become self-sustainable and for this step we need your support!
In 2016 we: 

  • trained Gift-Ambassadors to bring gift-economy into communities. Their role is to update the community profiles, hosting gift-circles in the community, to connect to each other and to coordinate gifts from other communities in this network.
  • continued the development of the platform: Now there is a newsstream from communities, community-tours and the ecobasa network and a personal wishlist for every member of
  • received the exceptional start-green award for our new perspectives in our gift-economy business plan :)
  • offered support for communities and pioneers to create accounts so they can find out about each other's offers and needs
  • strengthened the collaboration with existing networks, like GEN,, NuMundo and existing Community-Tours
  • grew the network by helping the organization of community-tours in south-america and communities convergences.
  • shared the gift of giving in different events and workshops. Book us now!

Please support us to continue our work! Invest in a better future now with a small donation
On Heroes & Friends you can see how to support us with your time and ressources and there you can support us by sharing posts on facebook!

Happy giving!

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ecobasa 3.0 is coming soon with many new features and professional stability and security. All we need is some support from you. ecobasa is organising a hackathon from 19.05.2018 - 21.05.2018 @ makers 4 humanity lab, a co-creation festival in ...
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ecobasa at Move Utopia

ecobasa at Move Utopia

From the 21 - 25. June we were part of an utopian world, where we designed the present and future together with 1000 other utopians. This moneyfree, vegan, co-created encounter was full of workshops, open-spaces, permaculture, healing, creativity and art. ...
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ecobasa at the EDE in Schloss Glarisegg

Arne and Delci from ecobasa offered to give a gift-economy input for this year's Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) in Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland. EDEs are usually 1 month long events that offer a holistic education based on the 4 pillars of ...
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