geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 16. Juli 2015 12:31:08 launched!

After many years, many conversations, many volunteer circles and many many hours and lines of programming, it is finally done: the new is online!

You can now register and join the network, as well as invite communities that you know to join! Because without members, there is no gift-economy network :)

The basic structure of the platform is there, you can already see how it is supposed to work.
By now all the elements are there, but there is no automation, means you have to do everything manually. Like contacting a community as well as joining and organizing community-tours. We will make it more clear, comfortable and self-understanding in the future. 
We will soon include Communities-Convergences as event groups, so they can be organized with the help of this platforms project-management tools. 
Then you can see where the next convergence takes place and register for attendance or help co-create one. 
We start developing Apps like the Routeplanner which will automatically suggest places for a community-tour to stop by. Either to help, to pick up things or drop things they wished for, depending on the community-tours pioneers and destinations!

Right now we are working on translations to make the network accessible for south- and middle-america. This is where EVERYBODY can help right now. Yes, that means you. Well, if you speak a little bit of spanish or portuguese at least. If not you can ask somebody else to help us :)
You can help with as little as translating one single word. If 1000 people do that, we are done :)

Please Contribute here:

We use Etherpads for this, you can directly edit and it will automatically save and everybody can see your edits live as you type. So please don't delete anything!

For the next step we are working on an invitation letter that we will send directly to communities. They will be asked to join the gift-economy network explaining the benefits and responsibilities. You are also very welcome to help finding the right words and reasons:

As always we are happy to offer our work as a gift, but if you feel inspired you can support us with donations or join us in this amazing project with some volunteer time!