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Wishlists for ecobasa members

written by Arne Bollinger on 24. Januar 2016 14:20:57 in ecobasa

Every member on ecobasa can now make unlimited wishes – on your ecobasa profile there is now a wishlist. If you join a Community-Tour, your wishes will appear on your tours profile, together with the wishes of other members of the tour.
Like this other people can see how to support you and your tour. You can link to them directly like this: and share this link directly with someone that wants to do you ...

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ecobasa launched in spanish

written by Arne Bollinger on 20. November 2015 17:30:01 in ecobasa

***** Spanish see below *****

Now you can visit ecobasa in Spanish @

Wow, this was really an effort!
We had several volunteers who worked on the Spanish translations, but they were mostly very busy, travelling in remote places and without internet.
Fernanda, our biggest contributor was travelling in the indian jungle, copying the texts on her smartphone when she had access to internet and editing it offline, when she had some free time.
If you are familiar with ...

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Things Done

written by Arne Bollinger on 27. Oktober 2015 18:46:02 in ecobasa

Community Map

The markers for the communities on the big map got little ecobasa flowers and the orange color. If you click on the makers, little popups appear that show their picture and a short self-desciption text. So you can decide better if you want to see their full profile or not :)
In the future we will also show a counter of positive and negative references and some important statistics (size, status)


We introduced the concept of the Communities-Convergences ...

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tech launched!

written by Arne Bollinger on 16. Juli 2015 12:31:08 in ecobasa

After many years, many conversations, many volunteer circles and many many hours and lines of programming, it is finally done: the new is online!

You can now register and join the network, as well as invite communities that you know to join! Because without members, there is no gift-economy network :)

The basic structure of the platform is there, you can already see how it is supposed to work.
By now all the elements ...

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Making of the video

written by Arne Bollinger on 8. Dezember 2014 16:52:16 in ecobasa

The making of our project explainer / crowdsourcing video was really exciting! This was something, that i wanted to do since years and it never happened. (Many script versions landed in the bin..) This time everything came together and especially our great team, for which i am very thankful! They are so lovely and competent people, it is amazing if the room is full with all of them :) Our media-partner the sinnwerkstatt media agency supported us with the making of the ...

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