geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 7. Dezember 2015 12:21:14

Short documentary about gift-economy commmunities

Yes they exist – sustainable communities that work with or are based on gift-economy. It is so inspiring to see the beauty of these places and the way they work.
It totally makes sense if you live in a community to use gift-economy, because it is the most holistically sustainable thing you can do. And it makes sense in a gift-economy to live in community, because this is the most holistically sustainable thing to do :) 

ecobasa's work of connecting these communities through travellers and this website will not only bring these places of best practice to light, but it will raise their living standards, by facilitating gifts comming their way. We can make this a global movement, a new culture that serves as a realistic alternative to what is dominant on this planet and leading nowhere.

This video is the newest in our Community-Tours playlist.
It features different Community-Tours all around the world. Good inspirations to go on the road yourself :)