geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 25. Januar 2019 20:01:36

Payed volunteering in an ecovillage in Spain

In Lakabe ecovillage we are searching for 2 volunteers from any country in Europe ( except Spain) to come for 9 months under the European Voluntary Service Programme. All costs are covered!

The EVS will take place in the Ecovillage Lakabe, Spain.

Please find attached:

  • An infopack with more details information
  • Application form for applicants to apply before the 26 of January.
  • Flyer for publicity


Lakabe is a small village located in the Arce-Artzibar valley in Navarra. It was abandoned during the 60s and squatted in 1980 by a group of young people from the conscientious objection movement. They dreamt to build a communitarian, alternative and transformative space to adapt to the rhythms of nature. Today, this project continues with the same essence: enable and experiment utopia. Around 30 people give life to this village; building and confirming a life project in community, sharing economy, labour, resources and making decisions together. For more information please contact: