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Erasmus funded youth exchange Trans Istra Eco Journey is looking for participants

We will discover the beauties of Istra in a slow and environmentally friendly way. We will travel from one place to the next mostly by walking. By sharing this journey, participants will build a traveling community, taking care of each other; meet with others in a new context, in a setting that promotes cooperation and can lead to life-long lasting friendships.

We will visit some examples of sustainable practice, so we’ll get a wider view of possible social and economic alternatives to the mainstream living model. Through the help and connection with people who live these realities, we will explore possibilities for future cooperation. The different purposes and methods used in each of the places that we will visit will show a variety of ways and possibilities to achieve the same goal: a sustainable lifestyle.

The project will be carried out in the hinterland Istra, a rural region that would benefit by hosting an international youth project. One of the aims of the project is to underline the uniqueness and unity of this area, despite its official belonging to different nations; to uncover its hidden potentials and bring an international and European dimension other than touristic and exploitation activities.

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Are you interested? If you are from Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Germany, or Italy, please fill in the aplication form:




Topolovec 29, 6272 Gračišče, Slovenia
+386 40 299 667