Gift-Ambassador Training

Dear future Gift-Ambassador!

We invite you to the powerful experience of gift-economy in a community-context! As a Gift-Ambassador you can then bring this heart-opening culture back to your organisation or community.
Join us this summer for our first Gift-Ambassador training, from 9th to 13th of July, in Amalurra community, north of Spain:
A group of us will be coming directly from the European Global Ecovillage Network's annual conference in Arterra.

What can you expect from the Gift-Ambassador training?
* a shift of perspective
* deep connections based on trust
* how to grow your network of friends and supporters using social media
* empowered fundraising
* new ways to generate value for your community and improve your economic situation

We will provide the space, knowledge and facilitation for all the tools needed to use gift-economy in your projects, communities or organisations. This will include the organisation of Gift Markets / Circles, Sociocracy 3.0 patterns to co-create the network, and much much more!
The training will be a balance of community building, gift-economy magic and workshops. We are looking for up to 20 participants, who will form a well connected team throughout the world! So please invite friends from other projects, that you want to collaborate with. Like this we are facilitating the emerging of a self-organised gift-economy network!
The training is based on gift-economy. Food and accommodation will be shared among all participants. We estimate costs of 100€ per person for the whole training. We are also inviting donations to cover the organising teams costs and to support us to continue this work. Please bring a tent for accommodation. We will be acommodated in hostel/hotel rooms if there is enough space available during that time. You are invited to stay 2 days longer in Amalurra to support the hosting community with volunteering.

If you are interested, please sign up here: before the 30th of June.
For questions contact

We hope to see you there!

The Youth Rejuvenating Community team
for and NextGEN-Europe
(Andrei, Arne, Delci, Jake, Johanna, Inti)

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Ende 13. Juli 2016 05:06
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