geschrieben von Arne Bollinger am 25. August 2014 04:29:42

Country roads, take me home

I am now on the road back "home" to berlin. I just woke up from my dreams that were still related to the convergence. People were cooking and i was asking if it is vegan and they said: 99%, but we put a bit of meat inside.. When i was analyzing the meaning, i was comming back to my key learning of the convergence: Our actions always have an effect on others. We are not alone. There are other people around us that want to be respected in their needs. And there are other species like animals, plants and things that we might not know of, sharing the same eco-system. We affect all of them with all our actions and not-actions, thoughts, feelings and intentions. We are immidiatly interconnected. Seperation is an illusion or a lack of understanding. So we should try to act responsable as we also want to be respected!