Portugal Communities

Hi friends
I am looking for a tour through Portugal's communities.
Is there somebody in Portugal who would like to go on tour with me and has a car?
I don't have a car.
Please feel free to contact me. I am close to Lagos at the moment.
I also have whatsapp 0041 77 434 00 90 send me a message.
I am in Portugal in Mai 2018. Join me!


  • Astro Astro
    I am looking for a comunity which lives indepenedently and in peace with nature, have their own garden, grow their food together, teach kids together, but still have time for being alone, by yourself.
    In that sense I am not looking for a typical community but more a open space where people can gather, but dont need to.
    My vision is to have a piece of land with several small buildings on it and one communal space for celebration and workshops and so on.
    I am a coach, teacher, astrologer and life lover who seeks a piece of land with people who also seek peace. But I am not a delussionate hippy who isnt in touch with reality and laws of this planet. I want to attract people who are down to earth but still can space out in philiosphical inquires.
    Do you feel attracted to my idea? Then dont hesitate to reach out for me.
    Love, Astro




  • self healing
  • meditation
  • organising workshops
  • singing
  • dance
  • eco project
  • Teaching
  • aware nourishment
  • Self-empowerment




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