Hi dear traveller,
I am Simon, Bavarian roots guy with online background and digital nomad for live. I have a paradise land in central Portugal where I can host a couple of people to enjoy the free life in nature. I live here with 2 dogs and a cow from the neighbour. Here I am building a house and I have some vans to sleep on the land and another granite stone building with a room to offer for guests.

I don't run a community or woofing farm here, I just want to be surrounded by beautiful people to share this awesome place on earth for the time staying. I have not many rules for people to stay, no working hours or obligations to work, just that nothing gets damaged misplaced or taken off my property, but this should be common-sense. Also I encourage my guests to invest in food and other things that we might consume together in the main hose, which is for all people staying here, I work every day on my land, if someone feels to help I appreciate it... On the other hand, I encourage everyone staying here to not get lazy and do something nice after breakfast. I get up normally between 7:00 and 9:00, there will be coffee ready for everyone. In the afternoon we cook together and share the food equally, I don't want that visitors eat alone and make their own thing, otherwise I'd charge for staying, but since it is for free we share what we bring and what we can afford together. I share all I have, and I expect the same from my visitors to act like best friends and family would do.

Was bringt eure Gemeinschaft zusammen

I believe in every human to have an understanding in respect of environment and people they are surrounded with, that will bring the people together, also doing things together, going out, make garden, party and have fun together as a group is the key for having an awesome time that you'll remember for your life.


Was kannst du hier lernen

  • travelling
  • Webseitengestaltung
  • Future-Design
  • recycling
  • feeling free
  • friendship
  • getting to know the world
  • teamwork
  • trust
  • working together
  • dumpster diving
  • Networking
  • connect with nature
  • Bau allgemein
  • DIY Hausrenovierung
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  • Design-Thinking
  • Computing
  • Hacking
  • food sourcing
  • meditation
  • Future-Design
  • festivals
  • roadtrip
  • Teambuilding
  • gewaltfreie-kommunikation
  • community-management
  • fun
  • technology
  • Joy
  • healing
  • Demolition
  • art therapy
  • networking
  • inspiration
  • nonviolent communication
  • shared economy
  • design
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Produkte und Kreationen

  • Pinenuts
  • Nuts
  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Essential Oils
  • Chilisauce
  • Apples
  • Lemons
  • Pears
  • Capuccino
  • Crépes
  • Olive Oil
  • Wine Production
  • Tea
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I can show you how to make a website and social-media marketing ;)

Werkstätten / Arbeitsplätze

Yes! I have a workshop room with tables and tools to create creative things.



I work on a granite stone house at the moment, and I want to build a Jurt, a Tipi and a Dome structure, if anyone has experience in this I appreciate any help, but it is not a must to stay here. Also I have gardens to develop and a lot of fruit trees, 450 vines and 20 Olive trees which needs care apart from water channels and other projects that might appear during creative sessions ;)

Experten/Leute mit den folgenden Fertigkeiten

  • Electricity
  • gardening
  • Maurer
  • eco building
  • roof-construction


  • money
  • seeds
  • art
  • party
  • creativity
  • wood
  • Pfosten
  • inspiration
  • wood chips
  • coffee
  • vans
  • tiles
  • roof
  • plantation
  • colors
  • stone worker
  • team
  • gardeners
  • water pumps
  • friends

Zusätzliche Info zu Materialien

I'd really need a roof builder a stonemason and a tiler beside general construction experience and ECO construction builders as well as experienced gardeners.


  • Flex
  • Motorsägen
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Betonmischer
  • Schizzle
  • Anglegrinder
  • Schnitzwerkzeug
  • Schubkarre
  • Tischlermaschinen

Zusätzliche Info zu Werkzeugen

Any building tools and materials are welcome.

Spezielle Bedürfnisse

ECO building knowledge needed and Gardening skills I still need to learn and appreciate any advice or help whenever possible... Nature does not wait for my knowledge, it grows fast here so I need to get it under control.