escrito por Andrei Iuroaia en 30 de Julio de 2014 a las 00:00

Visiting the neighbourhood of Ecovillage Istria

As I said previously the neighboring projects are also amazing. The one called Krone was the first initiative started locally by Nara and others. There you can see a small caravan village with permaculture gardens, flousrishing wilderness, humanure systems, stone fridges, and speces were yurts had been assembled. The beauty of the place and the simple conforts are heart warming. But the initial alternative impulse was given by their neighbor who has build an amazing gardens fool of stone artwork, healing places, edible landscapes, and 3 roundhouses perfectly incorporated into the landscape. It is truly an inspiration and an image of a paradise garden. Many visitors come there and people are welcome to open the discussion about living there. And after visiting the close neighbors Nara connected us to another permaculture community in central Slovenia. And off we went.