escrito por Andrei Iuroaia en 3 de Agosto de 2014 a las 00:00

La Gugu community - near Suncuius, Romania

We arrived at La Gugu a beautiful young community innitiative created by Sabin Muresan and Ina Curic both peaceworkers that came back to romania after 10 years of service in conflict and post conflict areas across the globe. The project is an emarging base for their work of community building, non violent communication (NVC) and work with youth - like boy and girl scouts. They are building a cob house with green roof, growing 2 permaculture gardens, an orchard and setting up infrastructure for organizing events there (later in the year they hosted a Permaculture design Course). they welcome support an guests as well as exchange with other groups! They are active throughout the country and abroad giving workshops and consulting through their innitiative Seminte de Fericire (Seeds of Happiness). here is their website so that you can get in touch and visit them. We shared seed of course as well as books, stories from the road, information about what is going on in Romania, we also helped out and got some practice with Cob building and permaculture. Exchanging information about plant uses, recipes, construction techniques and many other useful day to day tips. some of our crew stayed longer to help them and their working guests but we all met again in the next station - the European rainbow Gathering 2 hours away.