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Ecovillage Isatria - near Koper, Slovenia

Our caravan 'Senor Franz the bumblebee' arrived in Slovenian Istria to visit the Ecovillage with the same name. It was a beautiful and inspiring visit. There we exchanged seeds and started helping out in the garden, building more compost toilets, cleaning up the ruined house which was being re-build and refurbished with eco-materials and technology and also connected with the guests and project members. The ecovillage is just 30 minutes away from an older community project and yet another alternative living project 10 minutes close to that one. The hilly forested area is beautifuly positioned close to the Adriatic sea in rural Slovenia. Our host Nara Petrovic guided us and share the stories behind the project and generally behind the current state of change in Slovenia. I warmly recommend a visit there.