Sinal do Vale

Lo que trae a esta comunidad

We believe that the best ideas come when diverse perspective converge. Therefore, SINAL is a space for convergence of people with different backgrounds, education, language, culture, experience and age. Through our events, courses, and life in the "living laboratory," we are constantly exposed to other points of view but with a common mission to build a better future. SINAL stands for Sincronicidade, INovoção, and ALegria (synchronicity, innovation and joy). Our spirit and values are embodied by the name. By synchronicity we mean aligning daily life with a new global spirit for change. Innovation means creating a better future by overcoming outdated paradigms and actualizing new possibilities. Alegria is the joy we find by working with loving hearts and lots of laughter, and by staying light-spirited in the face of negativity.



Necesidades especiales

We are looking for two new people to help. (1) Food processor that can help us in processing our fruits and vegetables, improve the quality of our food here, and create new recipes that use local food. (2) Someone with experience in permaculture that can help in our gardens