A community made with the purpose of protecting the environment and human rights in the area through biodiversity conservation action, scientific research and permaculture

Lo que trae a esta comunidad

Our desire to see a rewilded landscape where the sea is abundant with fish and wildlife and the land has also the ecosystem restored with man living in it practicing a sustainable form of living based on tourism, nature conservation and organic agriculture


¿Qué se puede aprender aquí

  • Composting
  • recycling
  • Recycled-construction
  • Soil-maintainence
  • working together
  • non violent communication
  • Community-Building
  • friendship
  • shared economy
  • common life
  • project-management
  • direct action
  • Natural-Building
  • Permaculture
  • cooking
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  • beach
  • Personal-Empowerment
  • community
  • volunteer work
  • project-management
  • survival-skills
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Productos y Creaciones

  • herbs
  • in season vegetables
  • vegetable preserved
  • Olive Oil
  • Tomatosauce
  • Vegetables
  • Dry-Fruits
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Periodically yes

Taller y factoring espacios

Yes we do and we also have all tools including power drills and more