Valuable links:


Eurotopia Book, Directory of Intentional Communities and Ecovillages in Europe


social magnetics


bank of happiness

search & shar


Gift-economy - Charles Eisenstein on gift-economy - Life without money


Learning Networks - Swapping skills - Local get-togethers - Advocating alternatives to compulsory learning

Free online courses (small selection)

Knowledge, Techniques, DiY - the largest wiki for collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology, poverty reduction, and permaculture. - Solutions from the ecovillage network - Open Source Ecology - Natural homes buildings - Earthship building

Sharing books

Free schools, unschooling - List of democratic schools - Democratic education pioneer David Gribble and - Unschooling - Paulo Freire Institute - (in German) Unerzogen-Magazin

Free-shops - Free shop via mailing list - Berlin map of give-boxes and free shops (great inspiration for other cities)

Community Building Tools - Community Tool Box is a collection of practical tools for community-building - Framework for building and participating in communities - Group games - Team building activities and games - Team building ressources - Skills for working in groups, facilitation etc.

Collectives and cooperatives - Knowledge on cooperatives - Coop models from the UK

Food cooperatives - Food Coop Toolkit - for Germany

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Networks - International network of CSA - for Germany - for France and - for USA

Others - Travelling without money - Transition Town movement - Sharing movement - Collaborative economy network and - Commons - Peer-to-peer foundation - (in German) OYA-Magazine: anders denken. anders leben - Sustainable living - 101 urban interventions to improve your city