written by Freja Friborg on Dec. 5, 2016, 3:14 p.m.

Almost ready to go

Our wheat harvest :)

So now we got the camper back from the mechanic. It needed a few adjustments, but it ended up taking a bit longer than expected.
Well everything has so far taken longer than expected! But instead of stressing, now I am just enjoying the last times of actually having a house! It is getting really cold out, so its easy to feel comfortable in front of the fire :)
That being said, it also makes us want to soon get down to warmer temperatures.



Soap making

While we were waiting for the camper we had time to do some work in and around the house. We have been cleaning our wheat and rye harvest, made soap and tea blends for the market and painted and cleaned and fixed things in the house to make it ready to rent out. We are also very close to have found the new renters!






Robi putting up some new kitchen space!

But now the camper is back and we are putting the last hands on to make it ready to go!

It is slowly becoming like a home, with some happier colors and a nice wooden kitchen table coming up!
Half of the new kitchen table - cherry wood, the other half is going to be of walnut
I am very happy to have painted over this wall that was before laminated plastic wood, like almost all the surfaces in the camper! The white paint on the walls also really make a difference.
A corner for friends and family!

We still have Diesel smell from the water tank, water boiler not working and worst of all the papers of the car seems to have disappeared, so for that we still need some good luck!
Else we are happy to almost be on our way! 


Dec. 19, 2016, 2:53 a.m.

Arne Bollinger

Wow, the soaps look really nice! That should make a good offer for your community-tours! If you put it on your community-tours profile, it can make it easier that the community accepts you without paying money! And your precious soaps can be found in the search!

Happy Touring!