written by Arne Bollinger on Dec. 22, 2016, 8:26 p.m.

Watch ecobasa.tv!

So, it is christmas, means holiday season, means you have time. It is anyway winter in Europe and you can not work outside to do something meaningful. So just sit back and enjoy the inspirational videos we collected for you! But be careful - it may change your life!

You probably know that we are filming and uploading videos from our activities once in a while. If not, you can just have a quick scroll through our blog to discover some of them.
Or just have a look in our youtube channel: ecobasa.tv
Over time we collected all kinds of inspiring videos in playlists. From documentaries about sustainable communities all over the world, gift-economy explanations and hands on tutorials on how to start with gift-economy in your life to natural building workshops you can find a lot of interesting places, people and ideas!

We think this is a good way to use the wintertime and new years turning, to reflect on what you want in life and change plans accordingly :) We hope to inspire you to join our adventures in communities. If you happen to have good videos, links or ideas to improve our youtube channel, please contact us.

And if you feel inspired enough, maybe you are ready to go on community-tours next year!