written by Arne Bollinger on May 2, 2018, 5:37 p.m.

Hackathon invitation

ecobasa 3.0 is coming soon with many new features and professional stability and security. All we need is some support from you.

ecobasa is organising a hackathon from 19.05.2018 - 21.05.2018 @ makers 4 humanity lab, a co-creation festival in Germany for makers that want to hack the system. If you can not be there in person, you can be with us online through the connecting powers of the internet. We will have chat and video channels open to guide you through our code, please get in contact with us, so we can set you up in advance.

The makers 4 humanity lab is organised on gift-economy, of course, so the registration is a crowdfunding. If you want to join our hackathon, ecobasa will pay your registration fee from our donations.
If you are a developer, (UX-)designer or you think you can contribute to our platform development in another way, please:

register here


We are collaborating with wechange.de, an eco-social network developed by a platform cooperative in Germany. We use their open-source Django framework and extend it with our own functions and apps.
Many years, a lot of work and money has gone into the development of wechange and ecobasa.
While ecobasa.org is already open-source, wechange wants to go public with a stable release and good documentation. Together with them we will set up ecobasa all-anew with their latest release and add documentation in the process.
Then ecobasa will have a lot of new functions and elements and a completely new Facebook-like news stream, solid messaging system and greatly functional community apps for self-organisation (planning events, polls, documents, files, to-dos). For the new stuff we will need a restyling to fit and improve ecobasa's design (UX and Frontend).
If you want to extend our marketplace with separate offers and  needs that can be matched with an AI for example (Land, Services, Products, Seeds, Materials..) we are happy to plug you in the development!

If you want to support the development of ecobasa and you are not a programmer or designer, then you can give a donation here and forward this invitation to your techie friends.

Thank you for co-creating the vision of a sustainable international gift-network!


May 5, 2018, 1:44 p.m.

Arne Bollinger

We have our first registration! I am looking forward!