written by Arne Bollinger on July 24, 2014, midnight

Gardeners wanted

In our first day at PAN we were taken to the fields right away in the morning, together with a large part of the community. We were going all together on the back of a tractor trailer. We were sent in a potato field to pick some potato bugs that were eating the mono culture. Thomas our newest Caravan member had a good tip to speed up the work: Shake the whole plants inside a bucket and the bugs will fall off. Everyone picked up that idea and went even faster with it. We got a whole tour through the garden and i saw lots of room for a permacutlure expert to help them with their rather conventional ways of aggriculture. They were also really interested in Thomas when he said that he studied conventional aggriculture and wanted him to move in right away to help with the garden :) Right now Bernhard, a 20 year old self-taught gardener is taking care of the whole land, and he is really doing quite a good job!