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Arriving in Athens on the evening of the 17th of September, the group will stay overnight in the capital before heading to rural, mountainous, and coastal regions of Greece visiting a number of alternative lifestyle communities, gaining an understanding of their activities, challenges, and ideas for the future. This first CERES Global trip is intended as an introduction to a number of communities, and will likely be around 8 people. The group will communicate their insights and share their experiences with the wider CERES Global community as a follow up to the engagement.

More info: http://www.ceres.org.au/global/greece


  • Benedict Walta Benedict Walta
    I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am the CERES Global coordinator, I take groups of 5-20 people to meet with and build friendship with various communities in Arnhem Land (Nth Australia), Timor, India, Indonesia, China, Cuba, and Samoa. We return annually to the same communities to gain deeper insight in to challenges and find ways to work together. We are just about to head to Greece in a few weeks for the first time!
  • veronique Van den Meersschaut veronique Van den Meersschaut
    Hello, i am a girl who is intrested in permaculture and living close to nature with nature, i have no job and have no money and want live happy like that, i love to learn about sustainability, building houses, spirituality and i love to do art,




  • bees
  • building
  • communities
  • compost toilets
  • connecting
  • energy
  • organics
  • permaculture
  • seeds
  • art expression
  • cooking
  • drawing/painting
  • meditation
  • spiritual
  • vegan cooking
  • yoga


  • fermented foods
  • food
  • seeds
  • Looooove
  • Songs
  • and all I am that I am that I am:-)
  • delicious food
  • drawings
  • freedom
  • painting
  • smiles



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