Healing Earth Village

What brings this community together

- Female individuals looking for a partner

- Families looking to buy their own 8 hectare, 120.000 euro farm as part of the community

Our Village is built on the following foundations;
– Land stewardship
You are the caretaker and registered keeper of your part of Mother earth

– Self-sufficiency in food
We grow our own organic food, year-round

– Vegan food
We only eat the food that we grow on the land – combined with local organic food until our gardens are fully productive

– Homes built from natural materials
Houses are made out of materials from the land they are built on: Hemp, earth, clay and wood

– Natural heating and cooling
Houses are build in such a way that they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This includes solar heating and earth tubes. This is backed up by hemp biomass and coppice for heating

– Water
Each house gets water from the common water collection landscape (water for the garden), common spring and has a water harvesting system on the roof. There are 4 tanks built into the house, with a total capacity of 160.000 liters. Warm water is provided by a solar water heating system, backed up by our biomass/coppice heaters

– Eco Village against Agenda 2030
We are against Agenda 2030 in it’s current form, and do not think that this document addresses, nor solves the (root cause of the) problems in the world

– Gender neutral environment
We do not assign mandatory gender roles included clothing based on biology or internal sense of gender, and use gender neutral pronouns

– Identity
You identify yourself free from names – when needed, with your own gender neutral chosen name, not the birth – or family name your parents have chosen for you, nor a name that another person has given to you

– Committed relationships
Relationships based on the intention to stay together for life, providing mutual support, between male and female partners

– Healthy living
Clean air and water, fertile soil and no noise pollution. No airplanes passing over the land and away from power plants and nuclear waste storage facilities

– Living under the sun in a warm climate
The ability to live an outdoor life year-round

– Minimal technology, Low EMF zone
We live with limited electricity and no wireless devices, mobile phones or tablets

– Nature as meditation
No yoga, meditation, mantras, chanting, hypnotherapy, channeling or readings

– Hemp cultivation
Hemp seeds for consumption, biomass for heating pellets, medicine, fabric, etc.

– Aware and actively selective of what type of information we take in: No unfounded spiritual practices, singing, humming, music, newspapers, magazines, fiction books, social media, comics or cartoons, movies, tv programs or games

– Living off the land, using no to minimal money

– Voluntary village
We work together and help each other where needed