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Community travellers gathering - near Wemding, south Germany

Andrei Iuroaia July 23, 2014, midnight community community-tours nomads

Ecovillage Isatria - near Koper, Slovenia

Andrei Iuroaia July 27, 2014, midnight community permaculture eco-building ecovillage research humanure

Greetings from the green-phoenix

Andrei Iuroaia Nov. 27, 2014, 3:02 p.m. community networking communities-convergence conference

La Gugu community - near Suncuius, Romania

Andrei Iuroaia Aug. 3, 2014, midnight community permaculture eco-building NVC peacework cob house volunteering

Pr Nebavec community - near Litjia, Slovenia

Andrei Iuroaia Aug. 1, 2014, midnight community permaculture

Visiting the neighbourhood of Ecovillage Istria

Andrei Iuroaia July 30, 2014, midnight community permaculture eco-building

Aurora community - near Lunca Cernii de sus, Romania

Andrei Iuroaia Aug. 14, 2014, midnight community communities convergence danube CC aurora community